Like many folks, I’m just an artist trying to find a way to sustainably do what I love. Writing is no longer my living, but it’s a passion I spend a lot of time on, so support is always greatly appreciated.

I know that not everybody has the finances to support artists with money, which is valid! If you’d like to show your support, there are two ways you can help me out.

The first is to donate. If you head over to my ko-fi page, you can donate whatever amount you’d like. The suggested donation is $3— about one cup of tea— but you can change it to what is best for you. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Secondly, you can help me reach more people. Share my posts on social media networks or refer your friends to my site. The more people I reach, the more support I get!

So, whether you want to support me by buying me a cup of tea or sharing with your friends, it will be greatly appreciated! Truly, I thank you.

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