October 31, 2018; Goodbye

I went back to Emory’s house today. In fact, I’m still there. I’m sitting on their couch right now, watching as they take breaks from cuddling and watching a movie to give candy to visiting children. It truly is sweet.

I arrived early this morning, wanting to spend as much time here as I could. They were still sleeping, and I explored the house. Bottom to top, I got to see what had changed, and what was the same as when I had left. They left our library the same, the chairs old and creaky. I sat in there for a while, remembering the old days.

Our first date, picnicking in a field near this very house, is still my fondest memory of Emory. Their smile under the sun, and the taste of their lips for the first time, are things I could never forget. Then there’s the time we got into a flour fight, and that birthday card I spilled paint on, and when we moved in together, oh there’s so many memories. I miss them so much. I wish I could be alive, to be with them still.

But I can tell that they’re happy with their new partner. I know they haven’t forgotten about me, and that’s enough for me. Knowing that they are happy, and that I can keep fighting to protect them, gives me all the joy I need.

Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed being back this year. A lot has happened, but in the end, we won, and I made a lot of new memories. I think I might actually miss Earth when I return to my world.

I have to go soon. I won’t be able to write for much longer. I have one more thing to say, to any humans who may be reading this.

You guys really are amazing. The Fuckboys are a special group, and not large enough to put a stain on your name. Of course, I used to be a human, but it’s different after you become a skeleton. You don’t see yourself as a part of humanity. So I want you guys to keep fighting for what’s right, and to keep loving each other without limits.

Oh, and that thing you have in your White House? I don’t like it. I’ll tip my skull to whoever gets rid of it.

Goodbye, for now.

-M A R T Y

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