October 29, 2018; The Final Battle

Our plan worked. This morning, we all awoke to the sound of the General blowing a horn. To the East, outlined by the rising sun, was an army of hundreds of Fuckboys. In the middle of them, we could see the silhouette of the Sorcerer.

We quickly gathered ourselves, our numbers only slightly lower than those of the Fuckboys. We waited, anxious, hoping that this would work. All was silent, not even a gentle wind to keep us company.

As the bottom of the yellow sun parted from the horizon, the Fuckboys charged.

We met them at the edge of the small town, blades against blades. This time I was among the front lines, and the combat was fierce. The Fuckboys swung their swords, slicing and hissing through air, sometimes through bone. We fought back hard, neither side really making any advancements. I kept blocking, parrying, striking, yet they just kept coming.

Then the General stomped the ground, and we began to fight a little less. We kept ourselves alive, but let them believe they were gaining the upper hand, pushing us backwards. The Sorcerer started to make their way through the ranks of the Fuckboys, moving towards the front. We kept moving backwards, never looking behind us, eyes on the enemy ahead. Bodies fell all over the place, but still we kept fighting. We had to get the Sorcerer in the right spot.

The Sorcerer reached the front lines, not far to the left of me, and we redoubled our assault. Our magicians quickly wiped out the Fuckboys near the Sorcerer, surrounding them. While they dueled, slowly pushing the Sorcerer towards the center of the town, the rest of us kept the Fuckboys at bay. As I swung my sword and removed limb after limb, I could see the fear in the Fuckboys’ eyes. They didn’t know what was happening, but they knew it wasn’t good.

I kept glancing back to see how the magicians were doing. They were making good progress, with the Sorcerer almost in the right spot. Only one of our warriors had fallen to them so far. I didn’t know how they were going to activate the trap, but I knew it was going to happen soon. I kept fighting, swinging my sword viciously. We were turning the tide against the Fuckboys.

My sword stopped inches from a Fuckboy’s face as an ear-splitting scream shattered the air. All of us, skeletons and Fuckboys alike, turned to see what was happening. One of the magicians had her mouth open, head pointing towards the sky, and that’s where the sound was coming frome. One by one, more magicians joined, until there were a dozen of them screaming, the sound deafening. They were surrounding the Sorcerer, directly in the middle of the town.

A faint outline seemed to appear in the air arround the magicians, growing brighter. I recognized it as the same black that the trap’s lines had been made out of. The Sorcerer was trying to move, but they only twitched, eyes seething. Slowly, the magicians all started to glow a bright black, and the color spread into the ground. It lit up the symbols that had lay hidden, lines of black shooting across the ground and up walls. Within minutes, the Sorcerer was standing in the middle of a complex sigil, surrounded by dozens of others.

The magicians kept screaming, and the black glow kept getting brighter. It started to seep up the Sorcerer now, and the hate in their eyes turned to fear. It encased their body until they were wrapped in a cocoon of black energy.

Abruptly, the screaming stopped. As it did, the magicians all disappeared, the black glow devouring them. The Sorcerer began to scream then, loud and full of anguish. The glow around them grew brighter and brighter, until they burst, a wave of pure energy shooting out, knocking us all to the ground.

As we stood up, there was no trace of the Sorcerer, the trap, or our magicians. I turned to begin fighting again, but the Fuckboys were fleeing, stepping on others in their rush to escape. I looked around, seeing how many soldiers we had left, and smiled.

The General stomped the ground again. “We have won!” he shouted, and we all went wild.

-M A R T Y

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