October 28, 2018; Preparation

I have spent all day guarding an abandonded town in the desert. The magicians were hard at work all through morning and into the afternoon, doing… well, I don’t know exactly what they were doing. Setting the trap, that’s as much as I know.

They drew many lines in the dirt, on the walls, all over. Moments after, the lines would glow a bright black and disappear. It was almost like there was a void for a second, and then it was gone.

After the magicians were done, we partied like we’ve never partied before. We wanted to be sure that the Fuckboys knew where we were. And I think it worked. I’ve seen a few shadows in the distance, probably Fuckboys. Hopefully, they are gathering nearby, and all will go as we planned.

We’re being very cautious though. We are going to keep a watch rotation all night, to make sure we’re not attacked until tomorrow. But I think we can do this. I think the Fuckboys, and their Sorcerer, are going down.

-M A R T Y

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