October 27, 2018; The Final Plan

With everyone still pumped up from the soccer game yesterday, the General called a meeting to announce the plan for our final assault on the Sorcerer and the Fuckboys.

“We know that this Sorcerer is much stronger than we had anticipated,” he began. “But we have a plan that should bring them down once and for all, and leave the Fuckboys weakened.” There was a lot of cheering in the crowd.

“I have been talking with our top magicians, and we have devised a scheme greater than anything we’ve tried before. We are going to find another abandoned town in the desert, and that will be the Sorcerer’s graveyard!”

“Yeah!” someone shouted. Another yelled, “destroy them!” There was a lot of hollering. The General shushed them.

“Wait, I haven’t even told you how yet! Our magicians have been working all night to devise the biggest magical trap in history. Tomorrow, we will find our location, and we will all protect the magicians as they set the trap. When they are done, we will make our prescence known to draw the Fuckboys in.” More shouting. “I will even send a personal letter to the Fuckboys, inviting them to a final showdown.”

“We will take them down!” came a voice from the crowd. The General shushed them again.

“The next day, the Fuckboys will come. I am sure of it. We will fight, and we will draw the Sorcerer into our trap, where they will be taken care of for good. It will be dangerous, and we may lose many warriors. But we. Will. Defeat them!”

This time the crowd went wild, myself included. We were screaming, throwing fists in the air, ready to fight.

“Now, we must prepare. Two days from now, we fight!”

-M A R T Y

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