October 18, 2018; A Great Battle pt. 2

We are safe back at base. Bill’s boyfriend is injured, we don’t know how badly. They currently aren’t letting anyone in the hospital. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow. But now, I have the time to tell you the rest of the story.

The other soldier and I shared a look, and then we cautiously crept outside. In the middle of the town the Fuckboys had gathered, and it looked like less than half of them were left. That was great news, especially when I saw that our numbers were still well above 500. Everyone was looking at something.

The ground around the Fuckboys’ feet was cracking. The rumbling continued, and the cracks got wider and wider. Then the ground shook harder, like a little kid’s rattle, and collapsed inward. It swallowed all of the Fuckboys, but there was no joy in that. What came out of the hole was even worse.

A person, swathed in a deep blue cloak, floated gently up from the pit. It was still fairly dark outside, though it looked like the sun was going to be coming up soon. But this person had their own light, as if their very skin was aglow. Their eyes were shut, their mouth set in a wicked smile. There was silence as they hovered. Then they opened their eyes, revealing glowing pools of blood.

“Shit,” the skeleton next to me whispered. He promptly exploded, just like Elizabeth had.

“Who wishes to fight me?” The Sorcerer floated to the ground, still smiling. “I could use a little fun.” They laughed, and two more skeletons burst.
All around, our special magicians stepped forward. There was only about a dozen of them, and I hoped they would be enough.

“You?” Another laugh. “Some measly skeletons think they can take down me? Fine. Let’s give it a go.” A whip of fire shot out at one of the magicians, but it dissipated inches from her face.

“It won’t be that easy,” the magician said. She thrust out her hands, and tendrils of rock snaked towards the Sorcerer. When they drew close, they shattered violently, shards impaling a few more warriors.

“Let’s do this.” I was beginning to really not like that grin.

What happened next was a blur of fire, light, and screams. Our magicians and the Sorcerer exchanged attack and counterattack, attack and counterattack, over and over. Bursts of flame lit up the desert. Slowly, the sun rose on the horizon, but our attention was focused on the battle taking place. Occasionally, another skeleton would explode or become engulfed by flame. One magician faltered, and the Sorcerer wasted no time. They flung out their hand and the magician shattered, fragments of his bones flying into the sky.

I was wondering how our magicians could last so long when the second one fell. The sun was fully risen at that point, and I could tell our soldiers were getting tired. The bursts of fire were getting dimmer.

“Alright, I’m tired of this,” came a voice from behind me. A skeleton stepped past me, another magician, and thrust out his hands. Ice crept its way up the Sorcerer’s skin, quickly capturing their whole body in a frozen cocoon. We all looked in awe, thinking it was over. Then there was a loud scream and a flash of blinding light, and they were gone.

“Are they dead?” a voice piped up after a tense moment.

“I don’t think so.” The ice magician shook his head. “But they’re gone for now.”

-M A R T Y

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