October 13, 2018; What Happens Next

The higher-ups of our army are still trying to figure out what to do. After I told them about all that I experienced, about the strange magical occurences, they went into a meeting to decide on a course of action. Two days later, and they’re still in that meeting. Some of the lower officials have been keeping things under control, orchestrating small attacks against the Fuckboys. They are too afraid to make any large moves, but they don’t want to do nothing.

After today, I have two more days of leave. After all I went through, the Commanders decided that I could use a few days off to recover. I spent most of today just chilling in the Calcium Tavern, talking with other soldiers. Some I knew, some I didn’t. But we’re all in this war together, so we’re all pretty friendly with each other.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to visit Emory. I want to know how they are doing, see if they’ve been able to move on. We were still young when I died. Now I will be young forever; maybe they’re still young, too. I have no idea how long I’ve been fighting this war.

I wonder how many times they’ve visited my grave. How many times they have knelt at the ground where I was once buried, mourning me. If only they knew that I wasn’t there anymore. That I was here instead, in the same realm as them, protecting them from the terror of the Fuckboys. If only they knew.

I don’t have anything else to say about today. It’s been fairly uneventful, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

-M A R T Y

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