October 1, 2018; Fuck Not Again

October has returned. I have been pulled out of the Underworld back onto Earth to fight this eternal war. Today was slow, luckily. The first day usually is. Not many Fuckboys are ready to battle yet. Most of them are probably still asleep.

Bill and I spent most of the day hanging out in the Calcium Tavern, drinking Bloody Marys diluted with milk. It still doesn’t make sense to me, why we drink, and how milk makes us stronger. I mean, for God’s sake, I’m literally nothing but bones. I have no esophagus, no stomach to hold any fluids. But once the milk passes my teeth, it simply disappears, and I feel fuller, like I did when I was alive.

The oddness doesn’t stop with the milk, either. When one of us dies, we bleed. There is nothing in us but bones and marrow, but somehow, we bleed. I have seen whole fields gone red with the mixed blood of ourselves and our enemies.

There’s rumors that the Fuckboys are going to be gathering in a grocery store in New York tomorrow. Bill and I may have to head out there. I love fighting for this cause, and I am happy too. It’s important. But I am also getting tired, and more scared for my safety. The Fuckboys seem to be getting smarter and stronger. Sometimes I wish I could quit.

All in all, today was pretty boring. But I need to log it anyway. If this war is ever over, someone will want to hear my story. I’m sure of it.

-M A R T Y

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