Falling Far From Home

To Evanston, Illinois

is supposed to be
where your family is,
where you have friends
If that’s the case,
then why have I fallen in love
with you?

I should be in love
closer to my house,
where I am safe,
But you
make me safer
than I’ve ever been.

Maybe it’s your
smiling sunrises,
lighting up the world
opening my eyes
like they’ve never been opened before.

Or your delicate petals,
unfolding to cast
new light
upon my days.

Perhaps it’s your aura,
inviting me in
to explore
every corner,
every hidden secret
of who you are.

Or maybe it’s your love,
which you give to me
so sweetly,
without asking
for anything in return.

I’m afraid
I have to leave you soon,
but you’ve ensnared me;
a fly in your intricate web.
I’ve fallen in love with you,
and though you are
far from my home,
I will return,
and perhaps
we can create a home


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