Ode to My Sweetheart

Your eyes shine

as if they hold the sea,

pulling me in,

to their mesmerizing depths.

Your smile

a harbinger of

joy and warmth.

Your lips

carry the taste of candy,

or perhaps it was more like magic.

If you were here,

colors would be brighter,

and though waiting makes them seem dull,

we will reunite again,

colors all the more vivid from the strength

of apprehension.


If I lost you,

all the world would

never be enough

for me.

Or dare-

say you

are mine


Or perhaps

a truth

disguised as a dare;

and answered only

with your lips on mine.

My eyes see you

in all the colors around me,

the deep red of your touch,

soft pink of your laugh,

maybe because

you are my rainbow.


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